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Mytec’s redeployable CCTV solution, is a great tool for deploying CCTV within the hour! Used to combat a wide range of antisocial behaviour issues such as; vandalism, fly tipping, prostitution, gang violence or whatever issues may be hindering your community. Alternatively, the unit can also be used to monitor seasonal events; summer fetes, traveling fairs and circuses for example. The unit can also help monitor remote areas; sports fields at education facilities, caravan parks, farms and more. Effectively, if there is power and somewhere to fit the camera, there could be CCTV.

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We appreciate that antisocial issues can spread rapidly or that a social event in a town centre can gain popularity at an unexpected rate, that’s why our redeployable CCTV solution is designed for fast installation. Effectively anywhere you have a power and a suitable mounting position, our solution can be installed and recording – within the hour!

We have a variety of designs available for our solution. Utilising 3G, 4G and Wifi technologies, ensures we can find the ideal transmission path for your desired CCTV location. Each unit can be modified made to meet the requirements of your streetlighting team. Our solution can also be assembled to consist of CCTV equipment from your preferred CCTV manufacturer ensuring compatibility with your existing system.

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We have repeatedly installed our Redeployable CCTV solution within an hour. However, the unit is preconfigured so Mytec do not necessarily have to undertake the installation works. We can prebuild a unit for your preferred installer to complete the install. Our units are provided with installation instructions and a member of the Mytec team will be available to provide any technical support.

Support packages are available to ensure the camera is optimised to its full potential. These packages can include for a remote monitoring service from an accredited local authority control room.

With the progression of recent analytic technologies, it is now possible to prevent an incident rather than just retrospectively review. The Green case study explains how our redeployable solution, with analytic technologies, has benefitted Wakefield Council. If you would like to know more about how Mytec’s redeployable CCTV solution could benefit your business, please contact us to find out more.

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