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Based in Nottinghamshire, Mytec are a security systems integrator specialising in surveillance through innovation and technology safeguarding solutions. With extensive industry knowledge working with education and large local authority clients, the team at Mytec are on hand to ensure any equipment we specify can achieve the client’s needs.

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Mytec are working with the education sector to raise awareness of our systems designed around technology safeguarding. CCTV in schools is becoming more popular, especially in circulation and playground areas that can be populated by high amounts of students. An analytic system installed to monitor these areas of interest can detect for situations such as crowds of people forming and raise an alarm. Even retrospectively, with the correct cameras installed, in the case of an altercation you should be able to identify all suspects.

In 2016, our Redeployable CCTV solution was designed in-house following a request from Wakefield Council. The client needed to view a public park, The Green, which was becoming susceptible to antisocial behaviour issues. Since the release of our redeployable solution we have provided several additional units to Wakefield Council. Derbyshire Dales and Mansfield District Council have since purchased units, with other local authorities and consultants also enquiring about the redeployable solution.

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